Corporation Mayors in Kerala

Here is the details of Kerala Corporation Election 2015. Kerala Mayor elections to Corporation and Municipal Chairperson Elections to Municipalities was on 19th November 2015. Left front (LDF) had won five out of Six corporations in Kerala including the newly formed corporation, Kannur. In Kannur UDF / Congress Rebel supported LDF candidate, EP Latha, she got 28 votes out of 55.

Thiruvananthapuram Corporation Mayor Election result

Mayor of Thiruvananthapuram Corporation - Mr. V K PRASANTH
Deputy Mayor of Thiruvananthapuram Corporation is Rakhi Ravikumar

In Thiruvananthapuram Corporation, the LDF candidate Mr. V K PRASANTH is the Mayor and he had got 43 votes in first round and 42 votes in Second round. He was selected from Ward No 1, Kazhakkuttom. BJP candidate Mr. V GIRI had got 35 votes and UDF candidate Mr. Johnson Joseph had got 20 votes. Mr. V K Prasanth, ages 34 years, is the youngest Corporation Mayor in Kerala.

Mayor of Kollam Corporation

Kollam Corporation Mayor is V Rajendra Babu (LDF)
Deputy Mayor of Kollam Corporation is Vijaya Francis (LDF)

Result of Kannur Corporation Mayor Election 2015

Mayor of Kannur Corporation is E P Latha (LDF)
Deputy Mayor of Kannur Corporation is C Sameer (UDF)

Mayor Election 2015 in Kannur Corporation was heart breaking. Both LDF and UDF have 27 members each in the corporation, Congress Rebel Mr. P Ragesh was the key person. At the time of May Election in Kannur, Congress Rebel supported the LDF candidate EP Latha and she got 28 votes out of 55.

Mayor of Kochi Corporation

Kochi Corporation Mayor is Soumini Jain (UDF)
Deputy Mayor of Kochi Corporation is TJ Vinod (UDF)

Mayor of Thrissur Corporation

Corporation Mayor of Thrissur is Ajitha Jayarajan (LDF)
Deputy Mayor of Thrissur Corporation is Vargese Kandamkulathi (LDF)

Mayor of Kozhikode Corporation

Kozhikode Corporation Mayor is VKC Mammed Koya (LDF)
Deputy Mayor of Kozhikode Corporation is Meera Darsak